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IoT startup HAL Robotics launched in India
TT Correspondent |  |  29 Nov 2017

Gurgaon-based startup, HAL Robotics, has launched its operations to help enterprises gain better visibility and control over key business metrics in real-time via its IoT data platform and product-suite. HAL Robotics seamlessly integrates custom-designed plug-and-play sensors, wireless protocols, and AI-powered IoT data platform, into an easy-to-use, simple & DIY (do-it-yourself) deployment. Enterprises can deploy these smaller and cost-effective sensors to remove operational bottlenecks and increase the efficiency of the operations.

Incepted in October, 2016, HAL Robotics is co-founded by Prabhakar Chaudhary and Bijender Singh. Working in the capacity of Managing Director at HAL Robotics, Prabhakar comes with over 15 years of experience in the Advisory & Management roles in IT and Data Science in Tata Group, Intersoft, and Transorg Analytics. Bijender Singh, President, HAL Robotics is an entrepreneur who has spent over 3 decades in the Manufacturing & Exports industry. Starting as team of two in 2016, HAL Robotics has grown to encompass 30 talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as Hardware & Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Sales & Operations professionals and Production force.

“We are excited to announce the launch of operations at HAL Robotics. For long, enterprises have been left in the dark wondering how they may remotely control the thermal or humid environment, or monitor certain gases in the plants, track the shipment, stop pilferages, avoid contamination & adulteration of substances, utilization of resources effectively & efficiently and more. Our IoT sensors, products and platforms are aimed at solving the same challenges, while offering reliable, secured, and end-to-end solutions to our clients,” said Prabhakar Chaudhary, MD - HAL Robotics.

HAL Robotics is fundamentally bringing a new paradigm for #multistackcomputing, pixelate where intelligence is distributed across each layer of tech stack. The products and solutions offered by the startup ensure seamless interaction between HAL’ designed-from-scratch Hardware, machine learning over M2M communication, API layer, Visualization layer, Predictive and descriptive analytics.

IoT Sensors by HAL Robotics
Keeping the unique requirements of the enterprises in mind, HAL Robotics has designed and developed modular hardware in the form of ROBO, SNITCH, NEO and an IoT data Platform. ROBO is a self-learning 2-way IoT gateway that is self-programmable, fault tolerant, multichannel communication device with embedded array of sensors. SNITCH is a multipurpose unidirectional sensor tag that can monitor health and environment of an asset and NEO is a bidirectional sensor tag which is modularly designed hence customizable to suit variety of business need, including the real-time monitoring and management of resources’ health, remote monitoring and control of infrastructure, managing remote diagnostic and fixes, controlling pilferages and adulteration, and much more. The IoT data Platform by HAL acts as secured multi-tenant-designed central nervous system in cloud, which intelligently orchestrates IoT devices, end-points and business rules; and leveraging on its API adapters it securely connects to enterprise ecosystem, as needed by enterprises.

Backend Technology
HAL Robotics’ IntelliRouting powers the entire engine by ensuring data and alert are delivered at right places. Additionally, the Data Science layer by the company is a real-time processing Big Data engine based on machine learning and incremental algorithm. It can predict the occurrence of events and with business logic, processes information. Lastly, the data and functionality is decoupled and presented in a language-agnostic way, ready to be integrated with any application and ERP system, via the Web Services API layer.

By successfully amalgamating these features, HAL Robotics offers pro-active alerts, descriptive analytics, and optimum user experience. Any threat of a cyber-attack or data leak is warded off with the use of pervasive encryption across networks, endpoint and identity information, offering role-based access, with all communication being hashed, digitally signed and certified by cyber security agencies.

Off-the-shelve Products offered by HAL Robotics
Leveraging the aforementioned combination of IoT sensors, big data, analytics and AI, HAL Robotics have crafted a few point-products for targeted problems within enterprises. ROBOTRACK by HAL Robotics is a competent asset and shipment monitoring system that manages task force, locate shipments, monitor environment and track deliveries of even smallest of the items. ROBOTEMP is company’s self-learning wireless thermostat for enterprises that ensures optimum environment for assets’ safekeeping and helps enterprises in controlling environment real-time and be more pro-active with timely alerts. Customized Industrial Solution, ROBOINTELLI, is a modular IoT solution which is customized as per enterprise need in helping them monitor key business metrics and offer newer capabilities in real-time.

The solutions by HAL Robotics are being widely used by various industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & life science, Supply chain, Telecom, and Food processing.

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